Our mission is to “Inspire people to grow, eat, and share this amazing plant.” We have both been growing tree collards for years. In fact the first meal we shared together included tree collards! One night we started wondering why tree collards weren’t more widely grown and decided we wanted to do something about it. Project Tree Collard is the result.

At first we started simply giving plants away but we later came to the conclusion that if we were able to make a small profit from sharing knowledge and cuttings, we would be able to really ramp things up and devote more time and resources to sharing this knowledge and resource. So, here we are now. Each week, we donate all of our extra greens from the cuttings we sell to a local shelter.

If you are involved in a school garden or charitable organization and need some tree collard cuttings, please let us know and we will work out a generous discount for you. We gladly welcome all feedback. Please use the form below to reach us.

Luke and Sequoiah
Project Tree Collard