Green Tree Collard Cuttings (3)


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Three freshly cut green tree collard cuttings shipped from our certified CA nursery.

These are a variety of tree collard very similar to purple tree collard except they don’t have purple stems or leaves. They are hardy to around 25° F, possibly lower. They can get over eight feet in height and will continue to grow and produce year after year.

Tree collards root best in mild weather conditions and will need sun. You should have a container and potting soil ready for when they arrive. We ship plants weekly. We do our best to ensure a safe journey for your plants but cannot be responsible for cuttings that freeze or cook in your mailbox. While most of our customers are successful at rooting their cuttings and very happy with their plants, we cannot guarantee your success. We hope you enjoy your plants!

Note: We previously sold another variety of green (also known as ‘white’) tree collards and have discontinued them as of Spring 2017. They proved to not be nearly as vigorous as we had hoped. The variety we are currently selling as of Fall 2017 is a different variety with vigor similar to that of our purple tree collards. It grows tall like a purple tree collard. Merritt collards are a separate variety which grows shorter and bushier and has even larger leaves.