Purple Tree Collard Seeds (30 Seeds)


We have seeds in stock again! They were saved from plants that seeded in summer of 2017.

Tree collards occasionally set a small amount of seed. We are making them available for plant breeding enthusiasts and international customers.  NOTE: these will most likely not come true to type- see description below for more information. Shipping is free when purchased with any order that already has free shipping. Otherwise shipping is $5 for U.S. addresses and $20 International. Please see notes below for further info on international shipping.

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Tree collards occasionally set seed- the current seeds we are selling were harvested July 2017. Weare making them available for plant breeding enthusiasts and international customers. Each packet contains 30 seeds. We had over 95% germination rate when we tested them August 2017.

Unlike tomatoes, tree collard seeds are not known to come true to type. Additionally, we know for a fact that there were other brassicas in bloom at the same time as these seeds. We have no idea what these seeds will produce. We have heard reports of people getting tree collard like plants from tree collard seeds. A friend of ours actually bred a dino kale/tree collard cross that grows similarly to tree collards but tastes and looks more like dino kale (we are currently experimenting with it in our garden and may sell cuttings at some point). You may get an amazing new variety of kale, you may get plants that look like tree collards but go to seed more often, you may well get something that is nearly identical to the tree collards which these seeds came from… it is really just a roll of the genetic dice.

For residents of the U.S. interested in growing tree collards we highly recommend that you purchase cuttings or live plants from us. Plants grown from cuttings will be genetically identical to their mother plant. The variety of purple tree collards we grow here in Berkeley is superior to any other perennial kale or collard green we have come across thus far. However, for international customers who can’t get live plant material shipped to them (at this time we do not ship any live plants/cuttings to foreign addresses) this may be your best bet. These are also recommended for plant breeders in both the US and abroad experimenting with new varieties of brassicas.

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee delivery for international orders. Please do your research beforehand to see if customs is likely to confiscate your items. We will carefully package and label your order with a proper botanical name and customs declaration. We cannot provide phytosanitary certificates.  We have successfully shipped to Australia both in a first class package ($20) and in a regular letter envelope ($10). The regular envelope took about two weeks longer to arrive. Shipments of seeds to the UK and Denmark in regular envelopes ($10) arrived in about a week.

If you are in a country not listed as a shipping option and wish to purchase seed please contact us and we will get it set up for you so that you can order.

Last photo in the gallery is from Chris Lopez, a customer in Australia who is growing out some seeds we sent him. For more photos of his seedlings visit our Facebook page here